Abonye DC -Adwoa Safo without make up will look like supposed “imposter”


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Bono Regional Chairman for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Kwame Baffoe known as Abronye DC has said that the confusion over Minister for Gender Children and Social Protection’s photos in Parliament was caused by Makeup.

According to him, the Minister was in a rush to be at Parliament and therefore decided not to wear her makeup on the day the Majority in Parliament approved the 2022 budget.

However, the day after she carefully did her makeup, the reason why she looks different in the two photos.

Abronye was speaking on Accra-based Angel FM when he made this known.

He said “the first picture you saw, she was in a hurry to go to Parliament so she did not wear her makeup when she was leaving home. everyone who knows Adwoa Safo knows that she does not joke with her makeup. The first picture which has now become the center of contention is the natural face of Adwoa Safo.

The next day she took time to wear her makeup. So if you compare her natural face and the one with makeup, there’s a lot of difference but the bottom line is that both photos are Adjoa Safo,” he said while speaking on Accra-based Angel FM.

He challenged the Minority in Parliament to wash Adwoa Safo’s face off her makeup and they will realize that the face she presented on the day of the budget approval is the same face they will see after washing the makeup away.

The Minority in Parliament after the Majority had approved the 2022 budget alleged that someone impersonated the Gender Minister because she was not n the country at the said period.

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