Afrobarometer Report: Jubilee House Perceived To Be The Second Most Corrupt Institution In Ghana


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Angry Nat'l Service Personnel to picket at Flagstaff House –

Police are believed to be the most corrupt people in Ghana, according to an Afrobarometer study undertaken by the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana).

The Office of the Presidency followed in second place on the corruption perception.

For the police service, 65 percent of Ghanaians believe most police are corrupt, while 31 percent believe only some police are corrupt.

At the Presidency, 55 percent of Ghanaians said it was mostly corrupt, while 40 percent said it was partly corrupt.

Legislators, judges and magistrates and tax officials rounded up the top five perceived corrupt institutions.

At the bottom of the list, Non-governmental organisations, Private media and public media were viewed more favourably as being the least corrupt.

Per the report, 77 percent of Ghanaians believe corruption has increased.

This figure has risen from 53 percent of Ghanaians in 2019.

Only 6 percent of Ghanaians currently believe corruption is reducing.

In line with this, the most recent Corruption Perception Index released by Transparency International showed that Ghana has failed to make significant progress in its fight against corruption.

Between 2020 and 2021, Ghana maintained its score of 43, which is still below the average, with countries scoring higher viewed as less corrupt and those with the least scores being more corrupt.

As far as fighting corruption is concerned, fewer than 30 percent of Ghanaians believe that people can
report corruption without fear of retaliation, which is a decline of 4 percentage points compared to 2019.

Among key public institutions, the Ghana Armed Forces, religious leaders, traditional leaders, and the courts are the most trusted.

In general, trust in institutions declined between 2019 and 2022, with trust in the presidency declining by 25 percentage points.

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