Best Mortgage Lenders Of August 2022


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Advantages of Using a Mortgage Broker -

Not all mortgages are created equal. Depending on the lender, fees can be higher and closing times longer. Some lenders focus on a speedy preapproval process, while others may offer discounts for the military or existing customers.

Because all of these factors are essential to consider when choosing a lender, we compared dozens of lenders to come up with this comprehensive list of the best lenders for borrowers.

We looked at four main categories: the borrower’s ability to get a loan, affordability, loan options and speed to funding. Our goal is to make comparison shopping easier for you by informing you of the lenders that stand out in these areas.


We reviewed more than 50 mortgage lenders that do business both online and in-person throughout the U.S. The lenders we reviewed represent some of the largest mortgage lenders by volume, which include banks, credit unions and online lenders. Lenders that do not display their interest rates online are not eligible for review.

Forbes Advisor scores lenders based on criteria that have a meaningful impact on the cost of the mortgage, including borrower eligibility requirements; the variety of loan options; and loan features that can impact the homebuying process.

The best lenders scored the highest based on the weighting in the following categories:

  • Interest rate: 20%
  • Down payment requirements: 20%
  • Credit score minimum requirements: 20%
  • Alternative credit data considered: 10%
  • Preapproval time: 10%
  • Closing timelines: 10%
  • Loan types: 10%
  • Lender discounts offered: 5 bonus points

Our focus on affordability, accessibility and key features that impact the homebuying process (like preapproval time and closing time) is what we consider reflective of today’s consumer’s top priorities when comparison shopping for mortgage lenders.

SOURCE: Forbes

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