Causes And Remedies For P&rn Addiction


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Pornography Addiction | Healers Institute of Deaddiction and Psychiatry |  Dr Pankaj Kumar

What Is addiction to pornography?

An obsessive want to watch porn is considered pornography addiction, regardless of the consequences. The signs and symptoms of compulsive porn watching are frequently eerily similar to behavioural addictions and may have serious consequences. The conduct’s negative effects distinguish a porn addiction from a great interest in porn. When you have a porn addiction, you view porn for long periods instead of connecting with others or finishing crucial activities. The behaviour continues even when it hurts your relationships, work or general well-being.

Much like with drugs, some people try porn for the first time out of curiosity and never develop a habit. When their stress levels rise, many people start watching porn and stop when their stress levels return to normal. Others may develop an addiction to watching porn.

Types of porn viewers

Users of porn are divided into three groups. The other two types endure sexual dysfunction due to their porn habits, whereas one kind indicates healthy porn use.

  1. Recreational viewers

Those that watch porn for fun are considered recreational users. A casual watcher can occasionally enjoy porn without becoming addicted to it or giving up other hobbies. For recreational users, porn may sometimes be used as a source of enjoyment or to improve their sex life with their partners.

  1. Highly distressed non-compulsive viewers

The severely distressed non-compulsive viewer is the second category of porn consumers. These individuals watch pornography less frequently—only 17 minutes a week on average—but still, find it unpleasant and upsetting. 12.7% of those who view porn fall into this category, according to the study.

Most highly distressed porn watchers are single and may utilise the medium to boost their self-esteem. This group’s members may use porn to cope with their unfulfilling sex life or a lack of romance.

  1. Compulsive porn viewers

The third group of porn consumers is those that watch porno compulsively. Compulsive watching is not a healthy way to use porn, much like the troubled group. According to the study, 11.8% of porn users are obsessive viewers and most are male.

It can affect relationships and daily functioning when someone watches pornography obsessively. Because they feel forced to watch porn and cannot stop, compulsive viewers may give up other life activities. The average weekly time spent watching porn by compulsive individuals is 110 minutes.

For some people, obsessive porn viewing can develop into porn addiction. In one survey of college students, 10.3% were found to have a cybersex addiction, with men making up the bulk of those who fit the bill.

Signs and symptoms of pornography addiction

If you are concerned about your porn viewing, there are some warning signs to consider. You might have a porn addiction if:

  • You cannot stop thinking about it even when you are not actively watching porn.
  • You watch porn on your phone at work or in public places where you risk being seen.
  • Regarding your porn browsing, you feel guilty, dejected or humiliated.
  • Despite the negative effects porn has had, is having or could have on your relationships, job or family life, you still watch it.
  • When pornography is absent, you have less sexual enjoyment with your partners.
  • You keep your partner and family members from knowing that you watch or use porn.
  • When asked to reduce or stop viewing pornography, you become irate.
  • When you watch porn, time passes too quickly.
  • You’ve tried to stop watching porn, but your efforts have failed.

Causes of pornography addiction

There is no general agreement among researchers as to what constitutes a true pornography addiction or even whether such a thing even exists. There are a variety of causes that could be at play, according to those who think that compulsive pornography consumption is an actual addiction. These consist of:

  • Biological aspects: Some persons may be more prone to addiction due to variations in their brain chemistry or structure.
  • Cultural influences: The consumption of pornography may be influenced by unhealthy or unrealistic societal and cultural attitudes around sex.
  • Other mental health issues: Individuals who struggle with other addictions or mental health issues may be more likely to use problematic pornography.
  • Relationship issues: Some people may watch porn when they have sexual difficulties or are unhappy in their relationships.

How to cope with pornography addiction?

There are things you can do to assist cope if this activity is causing issues in your life, regardless of whether pornography addiction qualifies as a serious addiction in the traditional sense. In addition to consulting a psychiatrist and therapist, you can:

  • Establish goals: Just as with any other behaviour change, setting goals and putting out the effort to achieve them might assist you in taking control of the behaviour.
  • Surroundings: Alter your surroundings by avoiding things that could push you to watch porn. To make it more challenging to access pornography, adjust the settings on your computer, phone or internet services.
  • Recruit aid: Ask for support, encouragement and assistance from a trusted friend or partner by sharing your struggles with them.
  • Seek for distractions: If you notice that you are prone to the behaviour when you are bored, look for other healthy and exciting activities you can do to keep yourself occupied.
  • Exercise: Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle may assist you in finding a way to refocus your energy.

Truths about your actions and ideas may be unpleasant to address, but doing so will help you obtain the care you require. You can overcome your addiction to pornography with the correct care.

You might start getting vital answers about yourself by bringing your compulsive behaviour to light. With the help of these responses, you may set resolutions that will improve your life and make you happier.

Parenting tip

Parents must talk frankly with their teens and adolescents about the availability of such content on the internet. They must educate their children about the possible adverse effects of watching porn and advise them to stay away. Setting up parental controls on browsing can also help.


Whether or not pornography is addictive in the sense of traditional medicine, excessive viewing of it can have catastrophic consequences. Watching porn can set up unrealistic fantasies and sexual desires in a person’s mind, which, when unfulfilled, can lead to a sense of low self-esteem and dissatisfaction. Staying away from such content is always healthy for yourself and your relationships.

Although there is debate over the origins of pornography addiction, most treatments include addressing an underlying problem, which may have a mental health component. Simple lifestyle adjustments may be beneficial for some people.

A person can enhance their relationships and recover control over their usage of pornography by seeking treatment from a sex-positive therapist who can spot underlying issues and provide evidence-based treatment options.

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