Civilians film and mock drunk Ghanaian police officer who can’t walk .


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An officer of the Ghana Police Service in his uniform has been captured in a viral video so drunk that he could not walk or make any coherent speech.

Civilians film and mock drunk Ghanaian police officer who can’t walk (video)

The video emerged online shortly after the Inspector-General of Police Dr George Akuffo Dampare assured Ghanaians that his administration is getting rid of the unprofessionalism that has bedeviled the law enforcement agency.

The drunk officer was filmed at Cape Coast where he is believed to have been on duty.

In the video, the officer is seen seated on a piece of cement block with his head buried in-between his legs while holding his cap.

The man who filmed him is heard saying that while others are seriously yearning to get into the police service, others used the backdoor to get employed and are toying with the job.



The officer, realizing that he was being recorded, rose and attempted to speak but was incoherent. He tried to walk away but only staggered and returned because he could not cross the road.

The police service has been quick to react to such viral videos lately, and all fingers are crossed to see what action will be taken against the officer captured in this video if it gets to the attention of the administration

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