July 22, 2024

Tempers flared up when Maame Tiwaa, a prominent member of Yaw Sarpong and Asomafo, a renowned Ghanaian gospel music group, was contacted for her responses to some claims made by Adwoa Penamang, the wife of Yaw Sarpong.

Both Tiwaa and Adwoa did not hold back, hurling insults at each other in their efforts to defend themselves amid a barrage of accusations from both sides.

The crux of their contention was an accusation by Adwoa that Tiwaa was having an affair with Yaw Sarpong and had been taking care of the musician since he fell ill.

According to Adwoa in the Oyerepa FM interview monitored by GhanaWeb, Tiwaa had been granted unrestricted access by the family to care for Yaw Sarpong at a hospital and prayer centre, occasionally denying Adwoa access.

As a wife of forty years, Adwoa questioned why Tiwaa was tasked with taking care of Yaw Sarpong instead of performing her wifely duties.

Tiwaa, however, denied the allegations unequivocally. Speaking over the phone from New Jerusalem Chapel at Sokoban Ampayoo, where Yaw Sarpong is reportedly receiving spiritual treatment, Tiwaa accused Adwoa of neglecting her duties as a wife.

“Yaw Sarpong has been seriously ill before,” Tiwaa stated. “When he fell ill, Yaw Sarpong’s elder brother, Affreh, said he called Adwoa to come and take care of Yaw Sarpong so that I could rest, but Adwoa refused to come. So, he warned her not to cause a scene if I decided to stay because there was no one else to take care of Yaw Sarpong.”

Tiwaa denied preventing Adwoa from seeing Yaw Sarpong. “They don’t even greet me when they come, but I don’t mind. I always step aside whenever she visits him. Her eldest son has taken Yaw Sarpong’s phone, which has two hundred million in his account. They have squandered the money.”

“Yaw Sarpong was sent to the church on the prophet’s instructions because it was spiritual. They call Yaw Sarpong’s friends for money, but they always end up spending it. I receive calls about this all the time. I have been with Yaw Sarpong for forty-seven years, and he’s a good man, so I have decided to take care of him until he recovers,” Tiwaa added.

Tiwaa further claimed that Yaw Sarpong no longer considers Adwoa his wife. According to Tiwaa, for over a decade, Adwoa has neglected her duties as a wife.

“Yaw Sarpong told his elder brother that you are no longer his wife. He said you haven’t cooked for him in thirteen years, and you don’t even know where he stays. Before he fell ill, he had introduced another woman to his family as the one he wanted to marry.

“This was the woman who fed him before he got sick. I haven’t gained anything from singing with Yaw Sarpong, but he’s a good man. I believe better days are ahead. He has made me popular, and because of him, I have travelled abroad several times, so I can’t abandon him when he’s sick,” said Tiwaa.

Adwoa, who claimed to have played an instrumental role in Tiwaa’s life, accused her of ingratitude. She labelled Tiwaa a greedy person.

“You’re ungrateful. If you weren’t benefiting from being with him, would you have stayed? Everyone knows about your activities in Bohyen. Despite everything I’ve done for you, you want to repay me with evil. I have helped you. You’re always focused on amassing wealth; you’re even asking Eddie for a key. How dare you! Why are you so greedy?” she fumed.

Tiwaa retorted, suggesting that Adwoa Penamang is agitated and now showing some sort of concern because of Vice President Bawumia’s donation.

She said: “If you weren’t greedy, would you have fought over Bawumia’s donation?”

As the exchange ensued, Adwoa cursed Tiwaa, saying, “God will punish you!”

Bawumia’s donation

Vice President Dr. Bawumia contributed GH¢100,000 in June towards Yaw Sarpong’s medical care.

Speaking on Oyerepa Afutuo, Adwoa Penamang mentioned that she had suggested using part of the money to complete Yaw Sarpong’s housing project at Kokosu. However, her suggestion was objected to by the family, who claimed the funds were not meant for such a project. According to her, they ended up squandering the money.

Yaw Sarpong battles stroke

It can be recalled that a couple of months ago, Yaw Sarpong’s manager confirmed that the artist was indeed battling a stroke.

Nana Poku Ashis, who spoke exclusively to GhanaWeb, disclosed that the “Oko Yi” hitmaker had been ill for over a year.

“He has been bedridden for over a year now. It started around this time last year. It was really bad when it happened a year ago, but we are hoping that he will regain his strength in the coming months,” Ashis said.

“Everyone needs help. We would need prayers, and those who have the means and are willing to help can offer him a little. The few people he has impacted with his music should also help,” he added.

Before Yaw Sarpong’s manager confirmed his illness, gospel singers Diana Asamoah and Maame Tiwaa had already informed the public.

Meanwhile, Yaw Sarpong is currently recuperating at the residence of popular Kumasi-based pastor, Prophet J.Y. Adu.

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