How To Tell If A Girl is Crushing on You: 3 Easy Ways To Know


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It’s not easy to tell if she has a crush on you. Some girls are pretty bold in this regard and they flirt, giggle, and blush around you. But some other girls are quite shy and clever at hiding their true feelings. However, no matter what type of person she is, there are many obvious signs that will help you tell when she has feelings for you. Whether you like her and want to know if she reciprocates your feelings, or you just want to know if the girl in your class or playgroup has a crush on you, these steps will help you make it easier. easily recognizable.


First Way: Pay Attention to Her Actions.

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  1. Find a way to meet her gaze. If you happen to be looking around your classroom or you are at a party and you catch her looking at you, she may have a crush on you. If she knows you’ve been spotted and she looks away and blushes, or gives you a small smile, maybe she likes you.
  • You don’t have to watch her too closely, or she might think you’re the one peeping at her.


2. Notice if she blushes a lot around you. This is a sign that she is secretly liking you. If every time you walk up to her and talk to her she blushes or gets confused then this could be a sign that she likes you and she is shy and embarrassed to talk to you or her. afraid to say the wrong thing. If you notice her blushing, don’t tease her or bring up the incident, or you’ll freak her out and make her not want to talk to you.

  • Make sure she’s not the type to blush all the time when talking to guys – maybe she’s just shy about talking to guys.


3. Notice if she giggles a lot around you. Many girls giggle a lot when around the guy they like because their vibrations make them dizzy and jumpy when around the guy they like. If she giggles or laughs quite often when she’s around you, even if you’ve never made a joke, she might like you. Maybe she feels “tickled” because she likes you, or maybe it’s because she thinks what you’re saying is really funny because she has a crush on you.

  • The next time you talk to her, notice how much she smiles. Make a simple joke and if she laughs a lot – she might have a crush on you.


4. Pay attention to the actions of her friends when they walk past you with her. Her friends will tell you a lot about her feelings for you without words. The next time she and her friends pass you, notice if her friends giggle when they see you, elbow her, or nod their heads at you to try for her. know you are near. This is a pretty obvious way to tell if she might have a crush on you.

  • If her friends usually greet you with a smile like they’ve known you for a long time, they may be telling you that she likes you.


5. Notice if she is often looking for reasons to see you. If she has a crush on you, she’ll probably want to be around you as much as possible. If she likes you, she’ll look for reasons to see you often, for example she’ll ask you to help her with her math homework, or she might even invite you to the movies. Or go to a concert. She will act casual when she asks you out to hide the fact that she likes you.

  • If the two of you know the same group of friends, but she’s been hanging out more often lately than usual, it could be because she has a crush on you.


6. Notice how often she notices how she looks around you. If she “dresses” a little better than usual when she’s around you and takes care of her hair and makeup, she’s probably trying to make an impression on you. If the two of you are out or with a group of friends, and she regularly puts on lipstick or lip balm, looks in the mirror, or fiddles with her clothes, she may be trying to get your attention.

  • If you run into her by chance, and she doesn’t dress up as much as she does when she’s around you, it means she’s trying to dress up just to get your attention.
  • If you run into her in the supermarket or somewhere, and she tries to make fun of her casual way of dressing, she may be feeling embarrassed that she didn’t look better when she met her. friend.


7. Pay attention to her body language. A girl’s body language can tell you a lot about her feelings for you. If she often looks you in the eye, leans into you, and moves closer to you when talking, then she may have a crush on you. Here are a few specific telltale signs:

  • If she plays with her hair while talking to you, this could mean she’s nervous because she likes you.
  • If she’s constantly shifting her weight from one foot to the other, she may be nervous to talk to you.
  • If she avoids your gaze and turns her gaze to the floor from time to time, it could mean that she likes you.


8. Pay attention to her actions towards other guys. This is a pretty important point. You might think that she has a crush on you, but it might actually be because she’s just flirty, talkative, and energetic when it comes to men. Many other girls may also have feelings for more than one guy at a time, or she simply prefers to be friends with boys – many girls prefer men to women. Her actions may mislead you and you may think that she likes you but she is simply a friendly girl.

  • Pay attention to her actions around other guys. If she treats you the same way she treats everyone else, that means these are her natural traits.
  • However, if her behavior towards you is completely different, and she pays a lot of attention to you — or less because she’s afraid to talk to you — she may be struggling. your heart.


2nd Way: Pay Attention to Her Words.

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  1. Notice if she makes fun of you. If a girl teases you, this is a pretty clear sign that she has a crush on you. Teasing is also a way of flirting, and it’s normal for women to want you to know that they’re secretly liking you. If she teases you, she’ll tease you about your clothes, or playfully push or hit you, or tease about your new hair or shoes. You shouldn’t feel like she’s insulting you – this is just her way of letting you know she’s paying attention.
  • Notice if she often teases other guys or just you. If she often teases people, she is simply a vivacious girl. But if she’s just teasing you, you’re special to her.


2. Notice if she often compliments you. If a girl gives you compliments, it’s likely that she has a crush on you. If she tells you that she likes your new shoes, that she likes your history presentation, or that you are good at soccer even though all you do is line the ball but don’t hit it ball, it means she is secretly liking you. If a girl has a crush on you, she’ll love everything you do, and she’s not afraid to tell you.

  • Find out if she’s just a girl who’s nice and likes to compliment everyone, or if she’s just complimenting you. Maybe she’s just a super nice girl – you know. But that may not be the case.
  • If she compliments your new t-shirt or new hairstyle, this means she’s paying attention to the clothes you wear or the new changes in your figure, and this is also a clear sign for her. see her fall in love with you.


3.Notice how often she “makes excuses” to talk to you. If a girl likes you, she’ll try to talk to you as much as possible – unless she’s the super shy type. If you don’t know some of your friends or have no reason to see each other, she may find you and ask you to help her with something specific, like asking if you can help her. She does her math homework even though you know she can easily ask other friends for help. She may even text or call you to ask about something in the hope that it will help her spend time with you.

  • If she likes you, she’ll even try to bring up a conversation about your hobbies, like sports or a favorite TV show. She may come to you and ask your opinion about last night’s sports game or about the last episode of your favorite TV show. Of course, it could also be because she shares your interests, but it could also be because she’s looking for a reason to talk to you.


4. Notice if she often asks you if you have a crush on someone. Girls often think they’re subtle about redirecting direct questions to indirect questions such as if you’re into someone, or are you planning on going out with any girls this weekend, or Are you in love with a particular girl, but you can definitely “see” her heart. When she asks you if you’re into someone, she really wants to ask, “Do you like me ?”.

  • And there’s only one other way to ask – she’ll ask you if you’re into someone because a friend of hers likes you and she’s acting as a matchmaker.
  • If you reply that you don’t like anyone, and she responds with something like, “Why don’t you like someone ?” “You must be in love with a certain girl …” then she wants you to say that you like her.
  • Even the fact that she’s curious about your love life is enough to show that she has feelings for you.


5.Pay attention to her comments about the girls you meet. Does she often talk badly about the girls you meet? Has she told you that the girl you dated isn’t right for you? If she says these things, she means she’s saying she’s the right one for you. If she says bad things about other girls you hang out with, or badmouths the girl she just saw you talking to in the hallway, it means she’s jealous because she doesn’t get any attention. yours.

  • Before you two start dating, jealousy is quite normal – but make sure she doesn’t when she becomes your lover.


6. Pay attention to her saying that she wants to find a lover. Maybe she just wants to make suggestions, but if she often says things like “Having a boyfriend is more fun” or “singing is no fun” or “I wish I had a boyfriend to go with watching movies” then she is basically wanting you to be her lover. If she often insists that she wants to date someone, then that person is you.

  • Or there could be another reason – she wants to date your friend. But if she hasn’t asked about your friend, it means she has an eye on you.


7. Pay attention to her comments to other guys. If she says that this guy is like this or that or that he’s not good, or that he’s not as good as you, then she’s telling you that she has feelings for you. She might even say that she wishes the guy had a particular personality – and that’s a trait you have too.

  • If she says she wishes she could date funny guys and she often compliments you on being funny, then she’s saying that she wants to date you.
  • If she tends to favor you when comparing you to someone, she wants you to know that she likes you more than other guys.


8. Notice how often she calls or texts you. If she calls or texts you often, it could be because she has a crush on you. If she often sends you cute smileys, or calls you just to “hello” or makes some silly excuse like asking you to help her with her homework, but Anyone can help her, which means she’s looking for a reason to talk to you.

  • If she texts you a smiley or a text like “hehe”, she’s flirting with you.


3rd Way: Find Out If She Likes You.

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  1. Consult your friends. Your first source of information is your close friends. Ask friends who’ve seen you together for honest opinions on whether she’s in love with you. Your friends will have a more accurate view to be able to tell if she really likes you, or simply because she is a lively girl and likes to flirt with people. Ask them to give their honest opinions – if your friends don’t think she likes you, they should let you know.
  • Your male friends may also know if she’s interested in a guy other than you. This is quite useful information for you before you talk to her in person.
  • Remember not to consult with her chatty friends, or friends who are also quite close to her. Because if so, they might tell her, and possibly expose your plans.


3. Consult her friends. Asking her friends about this is like asking her directly. But if you really trust a friend of hers and believe that friend won’t tell her friends, don’t hesitate to ask if the girl you’re interested in likes you. Her friends will usually know the answer – it’s just a matter of who they want to tell you about.

  • Shouldn’t make a big deal. Do not express your feelings for the girl you are interested in.


3. Directly ask her opinion. If you also like her and you want to know her true feelings, ask her directly. Find some alone time and find a quiet space, and ask if she likes you. If you like her, you can be the one to confess first and then question her feelings for you. Speak in a calm voice, look her in the eye, and give her your full attention so she knows she’s important to you. But avoid making the atmosphere too heavy or you might scare her off and leave.

  • If she admits that she has a crush on you and that you like her too, you should date her and wait and see how things work out.
  • If she says she doesn’t like you, act accordingly. Don’t look melancholy or offended – stay calm and let her know how amazing you are.


Take Note: 

  • If you want to confess your feelings to her and want to ask if she likes you too, don’t “do it” during lunchtime or during class because many girls don’t. Go to places that are a little more private.
  • Don’t act like she’s from another planet. And you shouldn’t completely ignore her either. You can break her heart.
  • If she’s pretty shy and you like her too, be the first to confess.
  • Never act like a coward, or she might end up hating you, just act normal.
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