African Swine Fever: Good News Drops For People Who Eat Pork – [More Details]

She did, however, advise the people to buy pork from appropriate marketplaces that has been inspected and reviewed by veterinary inspectors.

After certain districts in the Eastern area reported a case, there have been rumors that cases of swine fever had been detected in the Ashanti area.

However, Dr. Abudu denied the assertion in an interview with Elisha Adarkwa of Class 91.3 FM, allaying the anxieties raised by it by stating that no case has been reported in the area.

Aside from the checks carried out before the movement licenses are granted for the transfer of the pigs from one region to another, she claimed that the 43 administrative districts of the Veterinary Services are on high alert.

She claimed that the pig farmers receive frequent training on the importance of implementing effective security measures and best farming techniques.

As a result, since the disease has not been identified in the area, Dr. Abudu recommended pork enthusiasts to purchase from reliable stores and enjoy the meat.

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