Historic Savelugu-Kumbungu football clash fills 21,000-capacity Aliu Mahama Stadium



History was made at the Alhaji Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium in Tamale in the Northern region when Savelugu and Kumbungu clashed in a friendly football match to determine the strongest among the two rivals.

The good people Savelugu and Kumbungu have for a very long-time rivalry with each other in all aspects of life in a peaceful and modest manner.

It is a known fact among residents of Dagbon that residents of both areas are fond of jovially teasing each other which is said to have historical antecedents

As part of efforts to raise funds for the construction of a new Gbewa Palace in Yendi, Carlos Entertainment in collaboration with Dagbon Development Planing Committee partnered to organize a fun game between the people of Savelugu and Kumbungu to raise funds through gate proceeds.

Hundreds of people from Savelugu, Kumbungu and Tamale trooped to the Aliu Mahama Stadium to witness the fun game between the two rival opponents.

Aside from the rivalry between the two, the fun game was meant to foster peace, unity and coexistence in Dagbon.

The King of Dagbon, Ndan Ya Naa Abukari II, Yoo Naa, Gulkpe Naa and other paramount chiefs in Dagbon endorsed the fun game.

Some chiefs who stormed the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium to witness the fun game include the Lamashegu Naa, Sagnarigu Naa, Tolon Naa, Pishugu Lana among other chiefs.

The pulsating game ended with a 1-1 draw between Savelugu and Kumbungu.

Some natives of Dagbon who witnessed the fun game, thanked the organizers for such a great initiative and urged that the event should be organized yearly to unite the good people of Dagbon through games.

According to them, the initiative could also be used to raise funds to help initiate developmental projects in Dagbon.



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