Is Raegan Medgie Leaving Fox News? Why is Raegan Medgie Leaving Fox News?



Emmy-winning journalist and seasoned meteorologist Raegan Medgie has had a distinguished career with FOX 5 News, where she joined the staff in June 2017.

She gets up early, far before dawn, to give viewers in-depth news and weather coverage, which demonstrates her commitment to her profession.

On programs like “Good Day New York” and “The Noon,” Raegan’s knowledge is evident as she provides insightful weather forecasts and up-to-the-minute updates to keep the audience informed and ready.

Raegan Medgie
Raegan Medgie

Is Raegan Medgie Leaving Fox News?

Raegan Medgie’s precise reasons for leaving may stay a secret, but it appears that she was eager to seize the opportunities that lie ahead and wanted to pursue new endeavours and challenges outside of her employment at Fox News.



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