Musicians without good songwriters doing ‘borla’ songs



Highlife singer, Maame Esi Awotwe popularly known as Essi has called on Ghanaian musicians to get songwriters to write great songs for them.

She opined “If you can sing and you can’t write good songs, the same way someone cannot sing but they have good songs so if you can’t write you get songwriters”.

The musician, who cemented her musical prowess by winning the 2011 TV3 Talented Kids show, said those who are not writing good songs are doing’ borla’ music.

Essi added as sighted by “If you’re not writing good songs then I mean you are writing borla music and some people took offense to that but how can you sing about private parts and all that”.

During a one-on-one interview with Amansan Krakye, Essi said global music icons like Beyonce and Jay Z have songwriters behind the scenes

“Even superstars like Beyonce and Jay Z, people write songs for them so don’t go to the studio and record borla music and the borla I said at the end borla is borla,” Essi fumed on Property FM in Cape Coast.



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