I’m a Chop Bar operator – Despite



Business mogul, Osei Kwame Despite recently sparked controversy when he introduced himself as a Chop Bar Operator.

At the traditional wedding ceremony of the daughter of his partner and friend, Dr. Ernest Ofori Sarpong, Kwame Despite on the lighter during self-introduction revealed his new trade sparking spontaneous laughter among guests.

“I am Osei Kwame Despite. I operate a chop bar because I produce and sell neat fufu”, he clarified further leaving guests laughing their lungs out.

Meanwhile, the wedding between Mandy and her fiancé, George Locher was a combination of tradition, fashion, and a display of wealth.

The lovebirds rode in a convoy of luxurious cars suggesting the kind of homes they came from while the event was limited to exclusive invitees.

The newly married themselves rode in a black Rolls Royce, one of the many luxury cars owned by Mandy’s father. After sharing a kiss, the groom moved his bride to the other side of the car and ushered her into the back seat.



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