Karlie Guse Update: Was Karlie Guse Found?



Karlie Lain Gusé, a 16-year-old girl, was reported missing by her family on the morning of October 13.

On October 13, 2018, in the wee hours, Karlie was seen by her family at their residence in the Chalfant Valley neighbourhood of White Mountain Estates in Mono County, California.

At some point in the early morning, Karlie most likely left the family house dressed in gray sweatpants or slacks, a white t-shirt, and Vans brand shoes.

Karlie Guse
Karlie Guse

Karlie left her personal belongings at the residence, including her phone. On the morning of October 13, 2018, witnesses last saw Karlie heading south, around 100 yards south of Sierra View Road and 30 yards east of Highway 6.

Since going missing, Karlie hasn’t spoken to her family or friends, and a thorough search of the area and following investigation turned up no leads.

In order to locate Karlie, the FBI and the Mono County Sheriff’s Office are still hunting for information.

Karlie Guse Update: Was Karlie Guse Found?

Authorities searched the area around White Mountain Estates Road along Highway 6 with dogs and aircraft, but Karlie Gusé was never found.



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