Meet Felicia Chiarello, Margoux Chiarello, Aidan Chiarello, Giana Chiarello



Michael Chiarello was a celebrity chef, restaurateur, television personality, and cookbook author.

He was known for his Italian-influenced California cuisine and his warm and engaging personality.

Michael Chiarello Children
Michael Chiarello Children

Meet Felicia Chiarello, Margoux Chiarello, Aidan Chiarello, Giana Chiarello

Chiarello had four children: Aiden, Margaux, Felicia, and Giana. Aiden was born in 2005 to Chiarello and his then-wife, Eileen Chiarello. Margaux, Felicia, and Giana were born from Chiarello’s previous marriage.

Chiarello was a devoted father to his children. He loved spending time with them and teaching them about food and cooking. He also made sure to instill in them a love of family and community.

Aiden Chiarello

Aiden Chiarello is Chiarello’s youngest child. He is a curious and energetic boy who loves to learn new things. Aiden is also a talented athlete, and he enjoys playing basketball, baseball, and soccer.

Margaux Chiarello

Margaux Chiarello is Chiarello’s oldest daughter. She is a creative and intelligent young woman who loves to read, write, and draw. Margaux is also a talented cook, and she has inherited her father’s passion for food.

Felicia Chiarello

Felicia Chiarello is Chiarello’s second-oldest daughter. She is a kind and compassionate young woman who loves to help others. Felicia is also a talented singer and dancer, and she has performed in several musicals and plays.

Giana Chiarello

Giana Chiarello is Chiarello’s third-oldest daughter. She is a funny and outgoing young woman who loves to make people laugh. Giana is also a talented athlete, and she enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, and soccer.

Chiarello’s children were his pride and joy. He loved them more than anything in the world. He was always there for them, and he always supported them in their dreams.

In October 2023, Michael Chiarello passed away unexpectedly at the age of 61. His children were devastated by his death, but they were determined to honour his legacy.

They continued to support each other and to carry on his passion for food and family.



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