Musicians unveil statue in honour of late Tamale philanthropist and physician



Tamale-based music group, Choggu Boys, made up of Tashiru Tahiru (Black Echo) Abdulai Alhassan (Leo Khan), has honoured the late David Fuseini Abdulai, also called Dr. Choggu, a philanthropist, physician and founder of the Shekinnah clinic in Tamale, Ghana.

The music group built a statue of Dr. Choggu to appreciate his commitment and love towards humanity in the Northern part of Ghana.

In an interview with, a member of the Choggu Boys music group , Tashiru Tahiru also known as Black Echo, indicated that the purpose of the statue was to use their music art to celebrate the heroes of Dagbon.

“It all started when we Choggu boys thought as usual that we should use our art to change a very important narrative in the system, which is celebrating our heroes and heroines after they are dead and gone to celebrating them when they are still alive”.

According to him, they celebrated three prominent heroes of Choggu namely. Dr Choggu , Pastor Dokurugu, Chief Hafiz Diema Naa 1 by recording a 21 track album titled Heroes of Change to honour them and launched it on the 21st of November 2021.

“So we thought of doing something that will also appeal and get the message down to people who are not even in the entertainment sector and thought of rebranding the Choggu roundabout”.

“We then proceeded to sell the idea to the chief of the area, Nyeb Choggu Naa and also to seek permission for the roundabout to be named after him and the chief handed it over to us for redesigning”.

He thanked Nyeb Choggu Naa,the Sagnarigu Municipal Chief Executive, and other partners for their support to ensure a successful unveiling.

Mr. Tahiru urged Ghanaians to celebrate their heroes while they are still alive and not wait for them to die before they are celebrated.

The late Dr. Choggu, a philanthropist, physician and founder of the Shekinnah clinic in Tamale, Ghana, impacted the lives of patients with hernia, persons living with HIV, the mentally ill and the destitute.



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