Pay attention; don’t only focus on the pleasure the breast gives



A qualified registered midwife in Ghana, Rosett Ntriwaah Boakye, has advised men to pay attention to the breasts of their spouses.

According to her, the focus shouldn’t always be on the pleasure they gain from their spouses.

Rather, attention should be given to the breast in order to detect any form of anomaly so that it can be rectified earlier.

She made this known while speaking on Accra-based UTV.

“In the month of October, we hear of breast a lot. What we are preaching is for men to pay attention to the breasts of their partners in order to detect any anomalies and ensure that they are treated.

They should pay attention to the size, and they should also pay attention when sucking it to ensure that there is no problem with the breasts. If you pay attention, you will notice any changes in the breast and if there is fluid flowing so that medical attention can be sought,” she said.



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