Afia Pokuaa Suspects an Insider’s Job



Broadcast Journalist Afia Pokuaa is of the view that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) who invaded the studios of United Television (UTV) could not have done so without a conspirator within the establishment.

The outspoken journalist who is familiar with the Despite Media building, suspects an insider may have facilitated their entry subsequently leading to the chaotic scenes during last weekend’s United Showbiz airing.

“Where the UTV studio is &the security inside there is no way the NPP boys could enter without🤔 an Insider Accomplice Allah!”, she wrote on Facebook.

Security concerns have been raised about the safety of guests and journalists working with the media house after last Saturday night’s incident.

Though police managed to arrest 16 of the suspects all believed to be members of the NPP as well as Executives, there have been calls for UTV and Despite Media to beef up its security in order to guarantee the safety of persons working at the establishment.

Executive Director for Centre for Security Dialogue and Peace Advocacy, Security Expert, Centre for Security Dialogue and Peace Advocacy and works for Centre for Security Dialogue and Peace Advocacy, Anthony Acquaye is calling on media houses to beef up their security and ensure restricted access.

He emphasized the importance of restricted access control to protect staff and organizational properties and ensure the safety of media professionals.

“Nevertheless, media houses must beef up their internal security to ensure restricted access control that focuses on protecting, detecting, and responding to any potential threats on their staff and organisations properties,” he advised.



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