Are you crazy? McDan launches ambitious bid to buy Nottingham Forrest



Chief Executive of the McDan Group, Daniel McKorley has announced his ambition to acquire a majority stake in Premier League side, Nottingham Forrest.

Daniel MacKorley, disclosed this at a Joy FM Thought Leadership seminar at the Labadi Beach Hotel on Monday.

”I have been an ardent supporter of Forrest (since) when the club was in the third division. Why(do I keep supporting)? Because I want to buy Nottingham Forrest.”

”I want to buy Nottingham Forrest. Imagine McDan buying Nottingham Forrest and every time they play, you see about sixty percent of the players from Ghana.” he said.

McKorley forther claimed, such an investment would be made primarily to enhance Ghana’s image.

”It sounds strange but just think about it. I want to do it, not for myself, but to advertise Ghana. Its a sales point.

Imagine Nottingham Forrest winning the Premier League with sixty percent of the players coming from Ghana.” he concluded.



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