A Plus playing mind games with the NDC – Joe Apenteng warns



Mr. Joe Apenteng is cautioning the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) to be wary of the musician now turned politician, A Plus born Kwame Asare Obeng.

The leading NDC Communicator in the Ashanti Region holds the view that he is the type in the social setting of the country who is only hopping to places of opportunity and milking the system.

“I watched a video of A Plus and it was his wedding, all the big wigs of NPP were there. What has changed?  If no contracts were taken from him, would he be out there criticizing this government?  I don’t trust him; we should be watchful of his type”, he warned.

“Was he not the same person who was parading himself as a musician singing and taking on politicians only to turn and sing to criticize only the NDC?  Now that he is not enjoying it again, he is pretending to speak in favour of the NDC. He is just playing a mind game; he just wants opportunity that is all”, he reiterated.

Kwame A Plus has been very critical of the Akufo-Addo administration in recent times using virtually every platform he gets to respond or pick on governments on their failures.

This culminated in the tearing into shreds of an NPP letter to Despite Media group to change its United Showbiz entertainment content direction as it has now shifted its attention from entertainment.

The party claims NDC surrogates are now the only guest of the station, who do not discuss entertainment issues but partisan politics.



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