Give us a breathing space; you’re suffocating us too much – UTV presenter hits NPP

Yaa Konamah, the hostess of UTV’s popular morning show, Adekye Nsroma, has refuted claims that the network received a letter from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) regarding the alleged politicization of the prime-time entertainment show United Showbiz.

According to her, UTV never received any official communication from the NPP rather, the said letter was circulated by the party.

The controversy began when a group of individuals, believed to be associated with the NPP, disrupted a live broadcast of United Showbiz, protesting what they perceived as the politicization of the program.

The group claimed that a letter sent by the NPP to address their concerns had been torn into pieces by one of the show’s pundits, A Plus.

Despite an apology issued to the station, the NPP maintained that they had indeed sent a letter to UTV to address their concerns about the alleged politicization of the show.

However, a visibly livid Yaa Konamah said that the purported letter was never received by UTV’s management.

“That letter, they circulated it. Our management has remained silent on it, but you circulated the letter without giving it to the General Manager you addressed it to. Call Kennedy Osei Asante and ask him if he ever received the letter, he didn’t.

“And for your information, the leaders in the NPP came to apologise. In public, they attacked us and later came to apologise. The said letter, they never sent to the General Manager of Despite Media and UTV. And so, the section of the public saying we gave the letter to A Plus, we didn’t,” she said.

The hostess also clarified that although the action of the hostess of the ShowBiz didn’t stop the pundit, A Plus from tearing up the letter, there were legal grounds that support the actions of the alleged NPP.

“Granted per adventure, Miss Gee (the hostess) didn’t alert A Plus that it was a confidential letter, but the letter was circulating in the public and what crime has he committed that he tore a letter belonging to someone,” she added.

She continued: “Morally he didn’t show respect but there was nothing wrong, it wasn’t defamatory… Legally, what offence did A Plus commit for tearing the purported letter into pieces? Give us a breathing space; for you’re suffocating us too much.”

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