I’ve never voted during elections



Roland Ackah popularly known in the music industry as Buddy RoRo has disclosed that he has never participated in any general elections as a voter.

The seasoned Ghanaian music producer revealed why he’s not seen actively criticizing the government for failing woefully.

“Being an Ashanti doesn’t mean I am sympathetic towards the NPP, in case people don’t see me openly criticizing the government,” he said observed by MyNewsGh.com

Buddy RoRo added “As for me I’m working as a producer so this year alone I’ve produced a song for NDC and I’ve done another production for NPP.

“So as for me I’m everywhere and all around so I don’t really engage in politics and do you know that I’ve never voted during elections?

“I’ve never participated in elections as a voter and that’s one thing that I didn’t do well maybe in the next general elections I’ll vote.

“Because queueing in the hot sun to go look for a job for somebody’s father and after being voted into office they’ll do virtually nothing,” he told Amansan Krakye on Property FM in Cape Coast.



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