Meet Ronnie, Donnie, Jerry Retton, and Shari Retton



Mary Lou Retton’s siblings, Shari, Ronnie Jr., Donnie, and Jerry, have been a source of strength and support throughout her life.

They have cheered her on during her successes and helped her through her challenges.

mary lou retton siblings
mary lou retton siblings

Meet Ronnie, Donnie, Jerry Retton, and Shari Retton

Shari Retton is the oldest of the Retton siblings. She is a former college gymnast and a physical education teacher.

Ronnie Jr. is a former college baseball player. Donnie is a retired police officer. Jerry is a retired firefighter.

Mary Lou Retton is very close to her siblings. She has said that they are her best friends. Her siblings have always been there for her, no matter what.

When Mary Lou was training for the 1984 Olympics, her siblings helped her to stay motivated and focused. They also helped her to deal with the pressure of being one of the top gymnasts in the world.

After Mary Lou won the Olympic gold medal in the individual all-around competition, her siblings were overjoyed. They were proud of her accomplishments and they knew how hard she had worked to achieve her dreams.

In recent years, Mary Lou Retton has faced some health challenges. Her siblings have been there for her throughout her recovery. They have offered her love and support, and they have helped her to stay positive.

Mary Lou Retton’s siblings are a valuable part of her life. They are her biggest supporters and her closest friends.



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