Alan has destroyed his political career by resigning from NPP



Founder and leader of the All People’s Congress( APC) Dr. Hassan Ayariga has described Alan Kyeremanten’s resignation from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) as a selfish and nasty decision that has not only destroyed his political career and future but those of others such as his family, children and associates.

Mr Ayariga noted that Mr Kyeremanten’s launch of the Movement for Change so as to contest the 2024 Presidential Elections as an independent candidate will be of no consequence after the 2024 elections since, in his estimation, Mr Kyeremanten will fade into oblivion.

Mr Ayariga, who made the comments in an interview with Kofi TV, stressed that Alan Kyeremanten had a better political future with the NPP and should have persevered in the party despite the challenges.

“The thing he didn’t think of is that: he has destroyed his own political career; he has destroyed the career of his family; he has destroyed the political career of his children; he has destroyed the political career of his friends that are around him, those who are going to resign and follow him. This is because, after this independent race, he is not going to go anywhere again because he is even old. So, he is pulling them out of their future. And they shouldn’t listen to him because it is selfishness,” he argued.

He also debunked the notion that Alan Kyeremanten being an Asante means he will negatively impact the votes of the NPP in the 2024 General Elections. He argued that his inability to win in the Asante Region during the Super Delegates Conference is a testament to the fact that his being Asante has no influence on how Asantes will vote.

Alan Kyeremanten has launched the Movement for Change and is set to run as an independent presidential candidate in the 2024 General Elections.



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