Call me doctor! Ancelotti jokes after receiving honorary degree



Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti was in a cheerful mood after receiving his honorary doctorate at the University of Parma on Wednesday.

Ancelotti was awarded a Master’s degree in Theory and Methods of Preventive and Adapted Physical Activities.

The Italian attended the event in a traditional furry red-and-white gown and hat, in stark contrast to his regular suit and tie look on match days.

Mr. ‘cool’ gave a few more smiles than his usual composed self

In his typical humorous tone, Ancelotti warned his players to address him by his new title.

”I am getting this degree and some will say that I have taken just few exams. I’ve actually done a lot of them and I still do them every three days. When they call me a doctor I like it, I’ll tell my players to call me doctor (laughs).” Ancelotti said after receiving the honor.

In his acceptance speech titled, ‘Football, a way of life’, Ancelotti highlighted the principles that underpin his approach to management.  

”You cannot train Diego Maradona to dribble better. That is genetic. What you can do with talented players is help them remember the importance of altruism. That is what differentiates a great player from a champion. Football helped me improve my relationship with others, learn respect for the rules, for your opponents and your team-mates.” he said.

Ancelotti added that coaching was not all tactics and science, but also had a human aspect to it.

”Being a coach above all means knowing how to listen to others, your collaborators and players, then make your own decisions.

”I try to transmit my ideas via persuasion, not by forcing them upon others. I am calm, very patient, and above all I am fortunate to be supported by a great passion for this sport. It is a passion I had at the age of 15 and I still have today.”



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