Haruta Shigemo’s death plot: who killed him?



Information about Haruta Shigemo’s death is popular. Haruta Shigemo is a frequent foe in the Jujutsu Kaisen collection.

Haruta Shigemo is a frequent foe in the Jujutsu Kaisen collection.

He employed curses and belonged to the organization of wicked wizards led by Uraume and Pseudo-Geto.

Shigemo was concerned about the invasion of Jujutsu High’s goodwill event and the Shibuya Incident. Haruta Shigemo is an odd person who prioritizes his own pleasure and survival above all else.

Despite his intelligence, he displays crazy and childish behaviour. Shigemo freely admits to being a coward when it comes to magic, preferring to spar with weaker opponents rather than face more formidable foes.

Like other curse customers, Shigemo is a sadist who enjoys other people’s suffering. Shigemo’s top goal, in his opinion, is to murder individuals or stop those who are unable to fight themselves.

Juzo Kumiya portrays him as unreliable and provides him with a weapon that primarily grips his hand. Like Uraume, he typically just goes where others tell him to go and bolts at the first indication of conflict.

Stay with us to the very end to learn more about the deadly plot that Haruta Shigemo devised.

Haruta Shigemo’
Haruta Shigemo’

Haruta Shigemo’s death plot: who killed him?

The curse-consuming Haruta was Kenjaku’s ally. When he returned to Shibuya after creating trouble during the sister college transaction, he began attacking wizards and their aides.

Haruta was capable of living despite Nanami’s ruthless defeat of her, and she eventually killed Megumi. However, Sukuna intervened before he could do so, demolishing Shibuya and cutting Haruto in half vertically.

Darkish Shonen manga collection Jujutsu Kaisen is well-known for its gritty plot. The story is set on a planet where resentment spawns evil spirits that are a threat to the humans’ safety.

Jujutsu sorcerers risk their lives and teach young apprentices how to risk their lives to deal with these curses.

The struggle against the curses will never be overcome; they will last as long as there are people. As if that weren’t enough, curse users and wizards fight.

As a result, the Jujutsu Company has experienced and still experiences numerous losses over the years.



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