Sentimental voting in Ashanti Region cause of underdevelopment- Former Presidential Staffer



A former appointee of the erstwhile Mahama administration P.V Dadson Boateng Jantuah is blaming the lack of real development in the Ashanti Region for the overly sentimental voting pattern in the region.

 Reacting to a request by some traders in Kejetia for a paradigm shift of development under the Akufo-Addo administration towards the Ashanti Region, the former Presidential Staffer noted that, the style of voting of these same traders is the cause of the underdevelopment in the region.

 Making a point on the Ultimate Cup of Tea show in Kumasi, monitored by, Mr. Jantuah called for a change in voting trends so that both the NPP and the NDC will take development in the region seriously.

“I have heard the press conference by the Kejetia traders, and their calls are legitimate, but they are part of the problem.”

 “The sentimental voting in the region, the one-directional voting in the region, whereby they always vote for the NPP affects development in the region, because the thinking is that whether we give you projects or not, they will vote for us. That must stop”

 “The NDC takes development seriously in the region but the NPP reneges on that. Most life-changing projects in the region were constructed under the NDC regimes, that is a statement of fact and if the voting style does not change it could affect the region if not affecting it now”, he observed

 Just a fortnight ago, traders at Kejetia Market called out the ruling NPP making it clear their level of disappointment and failures of the government in bringing development to the region.

They cited the slow pace of the Central Market project phase 2, the stalled airport project, and the poor road network in the Ashanti Region as examples of political parties taking them for granted 

They said persons in leadership positions in the party and in government have failed the region, especially under the Nana Addo regime.     



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