Kikibees CEO’s wrist was slit, I leave those hiding the truth to river gods – Brother-in-law

Osebo the Zaraman, an in-law to the late Kikibees CEO, Ben Adomah Agyekum, has waded into the ongoing controversies surrounding his death.

Osebo has disclosed some interesting things spotted on the late Kikibees CEO’s body that dispels the narrative that he died from the influence of substance abuse.

Earlier, a police report contained that Ben, prior to visiting his girlfriend took in some substances and became hyperactive, a situation which resulted in an altercation and destruction of property upon reaching her residence.

The reports further disclosed that at some point, Ben’s girlfriend had to maneuver her way out of the scene, because he threatened to kill her.

The police said Ben was found on the floor with marks on his arms and blood oozing out of his nose, a development which seemed as though he slumped and fell.

In response to this, Osebo claimed that when Ben’s body was discovered, it was noted that his wrist had been slashed, and his watch had been surreptitiously repositioned.

“Have you ever seen someone under the influence of drugs, take off his watch, slit his wrist, and wear it back on the exact spot his wrist was slit? Have you seen or heard such before? Have you heard a drunk man stab himself? This is my brother-in-law whom I have known for 20 good years. He is not a bad person; he is a man of peace but someone has killed him.

“Since nobody wants to help us with justice, we will come out with evidence that someone was behind this. I am very sad but I know that God is God so the truth will surely prevail. Whoever is concealing the truth, whoever has taken a bribe to conceal the truth, I summon you to God, to the river gods, ancestors. I summon him or her to all the spirits in this world,” he stated in a TikTok video.

Osebo continued: “There are situations that people get involved in accidents and their entire bodies crush. They cush to the core, without any trace. They are mashed to the ground like how the corn mill grinds stuff and that is exactly what I wish for these people. God himself is a justice God.

“It is true that dead men don’t talk but God always speaks for them. His blood will speak and justice will prevail. If your relative was killed, how would you feel? If you kill someone and take money to hide the truth, God will deal with you. He who kills by the sword dies by the sword. Keep doing what you are doing, you will meet your reward very soon,” he added.

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