Mahama blames climate change for causing flooding



Former President John Dramani Mahama has blamed climate change that has occasioned the increasing rainfall pattern resulting in more water in the Akosombo Dam.

He notes that the north of the country where the Akosombo Dam has its tributaries continues to experience heavy rainfall with the White Volta at its peak.

Speaking to the media after visiting thousands of displaced persons in some of the affected Districts in the Volta and Eastern Regions, Mr. Mahama appealed for relief items for the affected persons.

“Our understanding is that the water is going to rise from any further. Our sources from VRA indicate that they have reached the peak of the spillage so it won’t get worse. It would take time for the water to recede. We have had an unusually heavy rain in the north, I was in the north last week and I noticed that the White Volta had reached its upper limit and so all that water is coming down to Akosombo. The people really need assistance; unfortunately, my understanding is that NADMO has nothing”, he lamented.

“The main problem is the dam, it is receiving more than it can contain and when you do not spill you will destroy the dam. If the dam gives way, it would be more catastrophic to communities down the southern Volta. This is not the first time VRA is spilling water but seems to be a bit heavier than normal. This happens once in a while and does not happen every year. It is just because of climate change because normally, the rainfall in the north would have started subsiding but unfortunately, when I was in the north last week it was raining heavily. It is unusual weather and it is all part of what is happening to the change of climate”, he stressed



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