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Peter Bol is a Sudanese-born Australian middle-distance runner who competes in the 800 meters event. He became a notable figure in the sports world due to his impressive performances on the track.

Peter Bol was born in Sudan but later moved to Australia with his family, seeking refuge from conflict in Sudan. He settled in Toowoomba, Queensland, where he began his athletic journey.

Bol’s breakthrough came during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He represented Australia in the 800 meters event and made it to the final, showcasing his remarkable talent on the global stage. His performance in the Olympics garnered significant attention, and he became a source of inspiration for many aspiring athletes.

Before his Olympic success, Bol had shown promise in various national and international competitions. He has represented Australia in several athletics events, steadily building his reputation as a competitive and skilled middle-distance runner.

Apart from his Olympic appearance, Peter Bol has achieved commendable results in other competitions, both nationally and internationally. His dedication to his sport and his ability to perform under pressure have made him one of Australia’s prominent middle-distance runners.

Peter Bol was born on February 22, 1994. She was born in Sudan but later moved to Australia.

Peter Bol Parents: Meet Abdalla Bol and Hanan Kuku

Peter Bol was born to Abdalla Bol is from the Dinka tribe of South Sudan and his mother, Hanan Kuku, from the Nuba tribe to the north.



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