Watch the ‘showdown’ between Professor Gyampo and Richard Ahiagbah on live TV over BoG Governor

November 4, 2023, might have been marked as the day for the ultimate showdown between Kennedy Agyapong and Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia but what transpired on Saturday, October 7 2023 edition of TV3’s KeyPoints program between Professor Ransford Gyampo of the University of Ghana and Richard Ahiagbah of the New Patriotic Party most certainly qualifies to be a ‘showdown’.

It was a showdown of some proportion as Professor Gyampo took Richard Ahiagbah to the cleaners over what he terms to be his hollow defense of the factors that triggered the economic dystopia Ghana currently finds itself in.

After a lengthy take by the Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party over the factors that got Ghana into the current state of abys, Professor Gyampo scored him a disappointing zero, chiding him for dabbling in excuses when his government should be solving the problems that have plagued the country.

Things got a bit heated when Professor Gyampo said, “If I were marking this, I would give you a zero. I don’t care about the explanations. We are looking at the kinds of interventions that are proactively being fashioned out for the purpose of solving the problem. That is what we should be talking about”.

Richard Ahiagbah interjected with the claim that “Prof, that is what we are talking about”. His interjection infuriated Professor Gyampo who fumed “Please, you went on and I didn’t like what you are doing but I kept quiet so please keep quiet.”

Richard Ahiagbah got offended by that statement and fired back “Don’t talk to me like that. Just calm down. You can’t talk to me like that”.

At this point, the two men had their hands in each other’s faces with Gyampo saying “I won’t stop. Keep quiet because when you talking I was quiet. Ahiagbah said, “You are being personal about it and I don’t like your tone”.

Eventually, things calmed down for Professor Gyampo to continue his submission in which he roasted the Bank of Ghana Governor and accused him of being incompetent.

The discussion was triggered by the demonstration by the Minority group in Parliament against the Governor of the Bank of Ghana on October 3, 2023.

The mammoth protest was seeking the resignation of Dr Ernest Addison as BoG Governor for mismanaging the bank.

Watch the showdown from 1hr 30 mins

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