Halle Bailey Boyfriend: Who Is DDG?



Singer and actress Halle Bailey has been making waves both on-screen and off lately.

Not only is she gearing up to star as Ariel in the upcoming live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, but her personal life has also been making headlines.

Over the past year, Halle has been linked to rapper DDG. The two have kept their relationship largely out of the public eye, but fans have picked up on their blossoming romance through subtle social media posts and rare public appearances.

DDG, whose real name is Darryl Dwayne Granberry Jr., is best known for his hit singles “Moonwalking in Calabasas” and “Givenchy.”

While he came to fame on YouTube, the 24-year-old has made a name for himself in the hip-hop scene.

Halle and DDG reportedly met through mutual friends in the music industry. Sources say they started off as friends before things turned romantic late last year.

The two have been practically inseparable since, supporting each other’s careers and jet-setting around the world together.

Neither has officially confirmed their relationship status, but their social media activity over the past few months has said it all.

Halle Bailey Boyfriend
Halle Bailey Boyfriend

They’ve left flirty comments on each other’s Instagram posts and have even featured on one another’s TikTok accounts.

In January, Halle was spotted cheering on DDG at one of his shows. And for Valentine’s Day, they appeared together in loved-up photos enjoying a tropical vacation. It’s clear these two are head over heels!

While an 8-year age gap and budding careers could complicate things, sources say Halle and DDG’s relationship is the real deal. Their chemistry is undeniable and they seem to be going from strength to strength.

With Halle’s star on the rise, fans are keeping an eye on her burgeoning romance with DDG.

Here’s hoping we’ll get an official confirmation from the happy couple soon! For now, it looks like things are blossoming beautifully for this talented pair.



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