How Many Siblings Does Jim Jordan have?



Jim Jordan has one sibling, a younger brother named Jeff Jordan. Jeff Jordan is a high school wrestling coach at St. Paris Graham High School in St. Paris, Ohio.

He has coached the team to 14 straight state titles, and his two sons, Bo and Micah Jordan, are both wrestlers at Ohio State University.

Jeff Jordan was also a successful wrestler in his own right. He was a four-time state champion at Graham High School and a two-time All-American at the University of Wisconsin.

Jim Jordan Siblings
Jim Jordan Siblings

He is a member of the Wisconsin Wrestling Hall of Fame and the Ohio Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Jim Jordan and Jeff Jordan are very close brothers. They grew up wrestling together and have always supported each other’s careers.

Jeff Jordan has said that Jim Jordan is one of the most competitive people he knows and that he always pushes himself to be the best.

Jim Jordan has also spoken about his brother’s influence on his life. He has said that Jeff Jordan taught him the importance of hard work and dedication.

Jim Jordan has also said that Jeff Jordan is one of his biggest role models.



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