Jim Jordan Wife: Who Is Polly Jordan?



Jim Jordan, a Republican Congressman from Ohio, has been married to his wife Polly Jordan since 1992.

Polly keeps a relatively low profile compared to her husband, who is known for his staunchly conservative views and support of former President Donald Trump.

Polly and Jim met while attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the mid-1980s.

Polly studied nursing and eventually worked as a nurse before becoming a stay-at-home mom. She and Jim married in 1992 and went on to have four children together.

While Jim pursued a career in politics, first as a state legislator and then being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006, Polly cared for their growing family.

She maintained their home life in Ohio as Jim split time between Washington D.C. and his district.

Polly has joined her husband at some political events and Republican conventions over the years but is not directly involved in his political work.

She maintains a private life focusing on their family and faith. The Jordans are evangelical Christians and raised their children in the church.

Polly survived a rare invasive breast cancer diagnosis in 2005. Her experiences led Jim to become a strong advocate for cancer funding and research during his time in Congress.

Though she is not in the public eye like her polarizing husband, Polly Jordan has maintained a 30-year marriage and raised four children.

She has been described as a devoted wife and mother who provides a stable home life for her family while Jim serves in Congress.

Their different personas complement each other – the quietly steadfast Polly supporting the very outspoken Jim.

Jim Jordan Wife
Jim Jordan Wife

Is Jim Jordan Married?

Jim Jordan is a married man. He got married to his wife Polly Jordan in 1992. hey are still together.

Does Jim Jordan have a family?

The Jordan family, not simply Polly and Jim, is the focus of their love story. According to the Heavy, the couple had four kids: Rachel, Ben, Jessie, and Isaac.

Their oldest daughter, Rachel, got married to an Army officer and is now living in Italy with their two daughters.



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