What Happened To Him And Where Is He Now?



Political figure Abdellatif Miraoui served as Morocco’s Minister of Innovation, Scientific Research, and Higher Education.

He was hurt in a vehicle accident in Rabat in October 2023. Learn more about it in the article that follows.

On October 16, 2023, Abdellatif was engaged in a car accident.

After the “Morocco-Switzerland Scientific Days” event at the University Mohammed V in Rabat, he was driving to the Ministry’s headquarters when his car slipped and struck a tree on the pavement.

The public has been reassured by updates on Miraoui’s condition despite initial worries following the accident.

No significant reason for concern has been raised about his health, according to a Hespress FR source.

His wounds appear to be mild, and he was quickly sent to the military hospital in the city to receive the required medical care.

This incident happened after the “Journées Scientifiques Maroc-Suisse,” which focused on the issue of water, was successfully organized.

Abdellatif Miraoui
Abdellatif Miraoui

Where Is Abdellatif Miraoui Now?

Abdellatif Miraoui was engaged in an automobile accident, and based on the most recent information, it is plausible to infer that he is currently recuperating with his family.

Even high-ranking government officials frequently put their health and well-being first after a stressful event like a vehicle accident.

Being with one’s family can provide comfort and emotional support during the recovery process.

Even if the injuries are minimal, people frequently take time off after an accident to heal.



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