Eastwood Anaba, Duncan Williams are aware of ongoing audit



The National Cathedral Secretariat has insisted that their books are being audited contrary to what the two resigned Board of Trustees claimed.

Bishop Duncan Williams and Eastwood Anaba, who were members of the Board of Trustees, resigned from the board over failure on the part of the National Cathedral Secretariat to audit their books as was demanded some months ago.

Their letter of resignation, which went viral on social media, stated their reason for resignation.

“In January 2023 as Trustees of the Board of Trustees, we submitted a draft Resolution to the said Board resolving that current activities, advancing the construction of Ghana’s National Cathedral be deferred until the findings of an audit. This deferment included a cessation of activities of the Board of Trustees. Specifically, our Resolution stated, “In the spirit and cause of transparency and accountability to the Ghanaian people, the current Board of Trustees of The National Cathedral shall appoint an independent accounting firm to audit all public funds contributed to The National Cathedral. This appointment of an auditor shall take place before the deferment of the activities of the Board of Trustees.”

Despite our prayers, best hopes and wishes, unfortunately, a needed audit to help restore public confidence and trust in this consequential project has not been enacted to the best of our knowledge. Since January 2023, we awaited news to no avail”.

But the National Cathedral, in a statement responding to the claims by the two members of the National Cathedral Board, said auditing of their books had started and therefore indicated that it was shocking that the two members resigned.

The statement indicated that they were aware of the ongoing audit by Delloite.



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