Plot to oust IGP: Leaked Tape has made me popular in my constituency



Retired Commissioner of Police, Alex Mensah has indicated that the leaked audio to oust the Inspector General of Police has been a blessing to him.

He says because of the audio, he has gained some level of influence and popularity in the country which he could not gain all these years in the police service.

To him, the devil meant the worst for him, but God had a way of blessing him.

“God has his own way of blessing people. Had it not been for this tape, maybe you wouldn’t have been here. My name and my picture wouldn’t have been circulating where they are now. Now if you go to my constituency, everybody knows me. Everybody is looking for me now.

My friends, who for years haven’t heard from me have been calling me from UK, US, Japan. God has his own way of bringing up somebody. Sometimes you’ll not understand but at the end of the day, you’ll understand. You may think that was a problem but that was a way the Lord is using top bring you up,” he said.

He further indicated that at least the public is now aware of the fact that there are problems in the Ghana Police Service.



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