Some celebrities are paid by politicians to partake in ‘senseless’ protests



Gospel Singer, Patience Nyarko has said it’s senseless to partake in protests and end up losing your eyes whilst others make money out of it.

“We are all here in Ghana when someone lost their sight through injury at protests and others had accidents which were quite senseless.

“When others are enriching themselves through protest and you join without knowing their intentions and after they give you just a sachet of water,” she added on Property FM in Cape Coast.

She continued as monitored by “Some people front these protests and so unknowingly if you attend and they spoil your eyes, you’d have wasted your eyes for nothing”.

The ‘W’afom Kwan’ hitmaker allegedly said in an interview with Amansan Krakye that some celebrities are paid to demonstrate.

“Some celebrities go for protests due to their parochial interests and others also take money in order to attend these demonstrations”.



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