Let’s not give room to war  – Mo Paramount Chief to Nkronza Manhenene, others


The Paramount Chief of the Mo Traditional Area, Nana Kwaku Dankwa III, has emphasized the crucial necessity for fellow Paramount Chiefs and sub-chiefs to coexist harmoniously, stressing that it is vital for the development of the Bono East Region.

In a press conference held in Kintampo on Monday November 20, 2023 , he underscored the importance of mutual respect among chiefs to prevent potential violence, stating, “Respecting the authority of each other is paramount to ensuring that our good neighborliness does not escalate into conflict. Undermining the authority of paramount chiefs who share boundaries is a recipe for violence, and the repercussions of such moves are disastrous.”

Nana Kwaku Dankwa III expressed concern over attempts by a sub-chief to defy the two-month ban on noise-making, lamenting that a sub-chief, with the approval of the Nkronza Manhene, was engaging in such actions.

He recounted the shared responsibilities bestowed upon him and the Nkoranza Manhene by the Bono East Regional House of Chiefs, emphasizing the call for unity.

“The President of the Bono East Regional House of Chiefs, who is also the Yeji Manhene, has consistently advised us to be united for the development of the region,” he disclosed.

Expressing dismay over a sub-chief’s defiance of the noise-making ban, Nana Kwaku Dankwa III criticized the Paramount Chief of Nkroranza for supporting such actions.

He questioned the lack of support from a colleague paramount chief, stating, “I have directed that no noise-making on my land, only to be told that the Nkoranza Manhene has allocated a place for him to hold the festival. I thought as a colleague, he would help caution his kinsmen within my jurisdiction to respect my directive rather than allow them to disrespect me.”

Pleading for cooperation, Nana Kwaku Dankwa III urged adherence to the Regional Security Committee’s warning to postpone events until the ban is lifted. He stated, “I won’t hold anyone against a planned event after the ban, which is in the interest of the whole traditional area.”

Recalling the two-month ban on excessive noise-making initiated by the Mo Traditional Council under his leadership, Nana Kwaku Dankwa III explained the rationale behind it.

“The Chiefs (Nananom) identified the non-pacification of the gods and the ancestors as the root cause of numerous road accidents on both the Kintampo – Tamale and Kintampo – Techiman highways from 1999 to 2022, a period of twenty-three (23) years,” he concluded.

The Krontihene Nana Adjei Adinkra appealed to the government and some powerful unseen hands not to aide the Wangara Chief, Nana Fanyinama with with tight security protection to defy the ban placed by Nananom

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