I don’t brag about my relevance in the gospel music space


Ghanaian female artiste, Patience Nyarko has downplayed the level of her relevance in the gospel music industry.

During an interview with Amansan Krakye, she was asked if she has been widely accepted by Ghanaians since her emergence.

Patience Nyarko responded “By the grace of I can’t heap praises upon myself if you ask me that have Ghanaians really accepted me since I emerged.

“As I said, the talent that I’ve been given by God isn’t meant for me to market myself but rather to spread the word of God.

“The Bible says, God through us will win souls for Himself so this question you ought to even answer it on my behalf and not me.

She added on Property FM in Cape Coast observed by MyNewsGh.com “I don’t need to respond but you have to and if you claim that I’m one of the best then I would say praise be to God.


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