May 27, 2024


Multiple award-winning singer, Samini has shared his opinion when it comes to the experimenting of different sounds by Ghanaian musicians.

The ‘Where My Baby Dey’ hitmaker posited on Property FM in Cape Coast that he doesn’t see anything wrong with Ghanaians experimenting with sounds.

Samini told Amansan Krakye in an exclusive interview monitored by that creativity has no boundaries or limits.

“For me I don’t think there is a problem with experimenting and fusing and creating because creativity has no limit or boundaries,” he opined.

He continued on the show “So if something feels appealing to an artiste in Ghana and you feel like experimenting with it, why not, you do it.

“Because others have experimented with African and Asian sounds for the longest time and that’s what brought forth to what they have now”.



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