Give what belongs to God to God



UK-based Ghanaian rapper, Flowking Stone has shared his opinion on the sharing of condoms at Nacee’s gospel show dubbed ‘Kavod’ indicating humans must endeavor to give what belongs to God to him

The ‘Go Low’ hitmaker told Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast-based Property FM that he doesn’t know the position of the Bible about condoms.

He said as monitored “As for the condom issue honestly I’m a Christian but I don’t know exactly what Christianity speaks about condoms. I don’t know where in the Bible that talks about condoms but if I did like I would have given a very discerning comment about it.  But other than that it’s just like a lawyer going to defend a thief in court and using part of his earnings to pay tithe at the church and the pastor has decided to reject the money”

“So let’s give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and so as for me that’s the way I see this particular issue about sharing condoms at a gospel program”. He said.



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