Who Is Andrea Brillantes Dating Now?



Andrea Brillantes, a rising star in the Philippine entertainment industry, has captivated audiences with her undeniable talent and captivating charm.

However, her personal life has also been under the spotlight, particularly her relationship with her former boyfriend, Ricci Rivero.

Their whirlwind romance began in March 2022 when they were spotted together at a basketball game.

Their chemistry was undeniable, and fans quickly embraced the pairing, affectionately dubbing them “AndRicci.”

The couple’s relationship progressed rapidly, and in April 2022, Rivero made a grand gesture by proposing to Brillantes on the basketball court after a game.

The heartwarming moment captured the hearts of many, and their love story became the talk of the town.

However, in June 2023, news of their breakup shocked fans. Allegations of cheating surfaced, casting a shadow over their once-idyllic relationship. Brillantes and Rivero remained tight-lipped about the details, but the breakup was evident.

Andrea Brillantes
Andrea Brillantes

Brillantes, known for her resilience and strength, faced the heartbreak head-on. She took a solo trip to Spain to heal and rediscover herself. Despite the emotional turmoil, she remained determined to move forward.

In an interview with Vice Ganda, Brillantes opened up about the breakup, sharing her struggles and realizations. She admitted to being heartbroken but emphasized the importance of self-love and acceptance.

“Madalas po kasi nakaka-move on na ako ng three to five business days,” she confessed. “Pero itong breakup daw nila ni Ricci ay nalungkot siya sa loob ng isang buwan.”

Brillantes’ transparency and vulnerability resonated with her fans, further solidifying her connection with them. She emerged from the ordeal stronger and more self-assured, demonstrating her ability to overcome challenges.

As Brillantes moves forward, she remains focused on her career, continuing to shine as an actress, singer, and endorser.

Her personal life has taken a backseat, but she has learned valuable lessons from her past relationships.

While the chapter with Ricci Rivero has closed, Brillantes remains open to love, believing in the power of genuine connection and shared experiences.

Her fans eagerly await the day she finds love again, knowing that she will approach it with the same maturity and resilience that has defined her journey thus far.

Are Andrea and Ricci still together?

No, Andrea Brillantes and Ricci Rivero are not together. They broke up in June 2023.



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