May 27, 2024


We explore Kenny DeForest’s life story, from his early aspirations of being a basketball player to his ascent in the comedy business and the tragic tragedy that resulted in his premature death, as fans from all over the world clamor for more details.

During his time at Kickapoo High School, Springfield native Kenny DeForest dreamed of playing professional basketball. 

However, when he realized how much he loved comedy, his career path took an unexpected detour.

Comedy Central recognized Kenny in 2015 and listed him as one of the Funniest People to Watch.

With appearances on well-known programs like Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and HBO’s Crashing, this signaled the start of a prosperous career.

Who Is Anna DeForest?

Anna DeForest is best known as the servicing wife of the late Kenny DeForest. They were a lovely and admirable couple until death came to separate them forever.



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