May 27, 2024


Member of Parliament (MP) for the Bolgatanga East Constituency Dr Dominic Ayine has lamented that but for the failure of some members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the 2020 Elections to vote for NDC parliamentary candidates, he would have become the Second Deputy Speaker of the current Parliament.

Dr Ayine stated that if some supporters of the NDC in the Binduri Constituency had voted for the NDC’s parliamentary just as they voted for the NDC’s presidential candidate, he would have become the Second Deputy Speaker because the NDC would have been able to form the Majority Caucus in Parliament.

Speaking at an event to outdoor the women wing’s working committee of the NDC in the Bolgatanga East constituency recently; Dr Ayine noted that members of the NDC who had threatened to vote against him over their dissatisfaction with the party should know that there are consequences for the party if they carry out their threats.

“I am hearing about skirt-and-blouse in my constituency. Those who lost in the constituency elections and primaries and so on say that they are going to vote for the NPP candidate and then vote for John Mahama.

But God willing, I will defeat them the same way I defeated them in 2020…If we had a majority, I would have been the Second Deputy Speaker. So the thing I want to say is that Binduri’s skirt and blouse alone led us to where we are,” he explained.

In the 2020 Elections, John Mahama won in the  Binduri Constituency, but the NDC candidate, Dr Robert Kuganab-Lem, lost to the candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Abdulai Abanga.

At the end of the parliamentary elections in 2020, both the NDC and NPP had 137 parliamentarians each, meaning that if the Binduri candidate had won, the NDC would have easily formed the majority.



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