May 27, 2024


Dr Cryme known in real life as Darlington Agyekum, a Ghanaian rapper, has told Disc Jockeys (DJs) to find a way of creatively promoting Ghanaian songs.

The popular musician said DJs must find a way to mix Ghanaian songs with popular Nigerian music which has become the most sought-after at events.

“DJs must find a way to still chip in our Ghanaian songs even when people request songs from Nigeria and other countries.

He told Amansan Krakye observed by “We have to collectively set up an agenda to creatively mix the songs from Ghana with those that aren’t from here.

“We don’t need to neglect our songs even though people will be requesting for different ones at our events which is not bad,” he revealed on Property FM in Cape Coast.

“Let’s say a DJ is playing a Nigerian song, he can equally mix a Ghanaian song with the beats of that Nigerian song which most DJs do at events”.



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