May 27, 2024


Dancehall Artiste, Shatta Wale believes that the agenda to play Ghanaian music will sink.

He says that the problem with Ghanaian music is the fact that the music industry is ruled by jealousy.

To Shatta Wale, until jealousy is flashed out of the system and people openly and willingly support their colleagues, the music industry will continue to suffer.

“I just woke up to tell you , you can’t fight foreign music. Their 10% music will over-shadow the whole Ghana. Country with so much jealousy when it’s not them on the frontline. You see how poverty deh worry your artiste with nonesense suggestion . It’s poverty my guy,” he said in a tweet.

There are calls on Ghanaian DJs to play more Ghanaian music, especially during this festive season when people from other countries visit Ghana.

The move, it is believed, will help sell Ghanaian music to foreigners and also put a spotlight on Ghanaian artistes.



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