May 27, 2024


Musician Kwabena Kwabena is of the view that the Play Ghana initiative launched in Ghana is not feasible.

He is of the view that money rules in the entertainment world, and therefore, since most DJs who are expected to play Ghanaian songs are on the payrolls of Nigerian artistes, the initiative will not attain its purpose.

“There are several DJs in this country who are on the payrolls of Nigerian artistes. When we go for promotions, the DJs say the Nigerians pay very well. Same with our influencers; they pick them from Ghana and give them good treatment, so why will they not do the work for them?” he said.

“It is a flimsy excuse to say musicians don’t retweet when they tweet. It’s about the money and nothing else. When Nigerian artistes release songs, they have people in Ghana to distribute the songs.

“I don’t know if they did their research well, but the reality on the ground is that it is not feasible. The 80/20 is not feasible. I believe investment and appeal will work. We should let influencers know that it’s something nationalistic, so if they vary their charges in favour of the Ghanaian act.



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