May 27, 2024
Jean Mensa

Kwabena Marfo, an on-air personality with Peace FM has accused Electoral Commission (EC) Chairperson, Jean Mensa, of running a system where decisions are made unilaterally without seeking advice or considering the potential consequences.

Marfo pointed out that Jean Mensa, during her time as the Executive Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), criticized certain decisions of the then EC chair.

However, he claims that she is now replicating similar actions at the EC, making decisions without regard for potential conflicts or the advice of others.

“The Electoral Commission, it seems like they don’t like peace, and when there is peace, they don’t want it.

Jean Mensa was criticizing a lot of issues during her time at the IEA platform; she used to talk as an angel. But the same issues she used to criticize, she is now doing those 10 times as the EC chair, autocratic leadership.

“Nobody advises her; she does as she pleases. If she is doing something that might cause chaos or conflict, she doesn’t care,” he asserted.

Speaking on an interactive session on Neat FM’s morning show on December 15, 2023, he expressed his concerns about the proposed changes by the EC to eliminate the use of indelible ink during elections.

He argued that the indelible ink, a longstanding feature of the electoral process, serves as a safeguard against double voting.

“It is better to use the ink, how much at all is the ink, she cannot give any guarantee to show that one cannot double vote. Her explanation doesn’t make sense, now if she wants to do things differently on her own, she will also see things differently,” he lamented.

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