May 27, 2024


Former U.S. Senator Ben Cardin’s aide Aidan Maese-Czeropski was let go as a result of the recent scandal that went viral on the internet.

A gay sex tape that was recorded in the US Senate office became viral online on December 15.

Less than 24 hours later, a Maryland senator fired 24-year-old Aidan Maese-Czeropski.

Georg Gauger, another individual, has now also been brought into the issue.

Numerous people have claimed that Georg Gauger is the other man in the widely shared video with Aidan.

Georg Gauger Age And Wikipedia
Georg Gauger Age And Wikipedia

Georg Gauger Age And Wikipedia

German student of international affairs, according to reports, is Georg Gauger.

Gauger has been in the news lately because of a purportedly him video that went viral.

The males in the video piqued people’s curiosity and became viral on the internet.

Social media users dug right into Gauger’s background, both personally and professionally. But originally, the men’s identities were kept a secret.

Gauger is a German national with prior government service, according to a user on X (formerly known as Twitter).

Georg is reportedly a student at the Elliott School of International Affairs in Washington, D.C., which is close to the Senate.

A degree in Politics and Law from the European-University Viadrina in Frankfurt and studies at the Hertie School complete Aidan Maese-Czeropski partner’s academic background.

To far, there is little information available regarding his age and other biographical facts. Though more facts may come to light in the next few days, the case is still underway.



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