May 27, 2024


John Dramani Mahama says Ghanaian nurses trained with state funds have left the country’s shores to ply their trade in other countries because of poor remuneration.

He says, apart from poor salaries, several nurses have remained unemployed for years, even though they have passed their licensure exams.

John Dramani Mahama believes this is worrying, and nothing seems to be done to reduce the number of people leaving.

But with his 24-hour economy, there will be prosperity in Ghana, and nurses will have no reason to leave the country’s shores.

“Right now we have a brain drain. A lot of our nurses and health workers that we have trained with precious money are leaving the country and going to work outside because the government is not able to find employment for them. When they can find employment for them, the pay is not good enough, so they leave the shores of this country,” he said while addressing students of Asiamah Nurses Training College.

We are going to fix this economy. We are going to turn this economy into a 24-hour economy so that it can produce more jobs for our young people and it can bring prosperity to Ghana. At the time what we were doing was we were building new CHPS compounds, clinics, Health Centers and hospitals and our intention was that when you finish school, you should get a place to go and work. So we said we would replace your allowances with the student loan scheme but some group of people came and said they could continue paying it. Today I’m told that even those in the second year have not seen their allowances before”.



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